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Jun 6, 6:33 AM




Apr 2022


both series make their return with a crossover. jeez they went full 2D, surprising seeing the kengan ashura characters like that. raian went crazy. yujiro making an appearance at the end but damn no winner overall.

Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (2)

Jun 6, 7:05 AM




Aug 2020


it was fun to watch

it was like expected between the 2, a draw

I had a great time so i will not complain for the little things...


otakuweek on insta for News /recom etc

just have a look, you won't regret it...

Jun 6, 8:17 AM




Apr 2021


Amazing right to the point gruesome battles!

Jun 6, 8:52 AM




Apr 2021


Honestly, I was disappointed...

  • They teased a pickle fight, but then it got stopped.
  • They introduced Yujiro and Kuroki only to have them leave right away. Also Kuroki Gensai doesn't hold a candle to Yujiro, but they made it seem like they would have a decent match. I feel like Kuroki is more comparable to Doppo...
  • The entire show was basically built around the Ohma/Baki fight, though we knew that would end up a draw.
  • The only even semi-interesting fight was Ohma vs Baki, everything else was just the spectators telling us how amazing these people are without actually showing anything very interesting in the first place.

I mean, I knew I couldn't expect something amazing from this, but it ended up being even less interesting then I thought it would have been originally.

I still kinda liked it because we got to see characters from the two best fighting anime's interact with each other, but overall it was a disappointment :(

Dustin1280Jun 6, 9:02 AM

Jun 6, 9:27 AM




Oct 2019


A draw. Repeating the same animation over and over. 3 fights only. I expected more.

Jun 6, 9:45 AM




Sep 2015


I love that this underground area has accessible toilets, and no, using it doesn't make you any less manliness.

This feels like a one-hour commercial for the upcoming Kengan Ashura Season 2 Part 2 and Baki-dou so please don't think too much about this, just turn your brain off.

With that said, after watching this, I realized that using 3DCG model for Kengan anime is the RIGHT method. Handdrawn may work well with Baki, but definitely it's not for Kengan. But since in this anime, Baki is "home team" while Kengan is "away team", Kengan must rendered in the same method as Baki.

Jun 6, 10:57 AM




May 2021


Not bad was expecting abit more fighting wise, didnt know it was only gonna be 1 ep well basically a long 1 ep but fun watch regardless.

Jun 6, 11:00 AM




Jan 2019


Incredible!!!! I don't know why there are so many people complaining on the internet, this is purely fan service and it's great, the animation on average is better than the animated series, the kengan characters are very Charismatic in 2D, the characters used techniques they hadn't used in a long time, for example Baki used moves he hadn't even used in the fight against his father, and then he used Katsumi's supersonic punch, I just think that Yujiro should fight in the future with the Connector and not with the gensai who are not even close to his strength.

Jun 6, 11:01 AM




Jan 2019


Reply to paveljanik

A draw. Repeating the same animation over and over. 3 fights only. I expected more.

@paveljanik Apart from these moments, the new animation was much better than the animated series.

Jun 6, 2:48 PM




Nov 2019


Seeing Tokita in 2D especially in that modern baki art style is a sight to behold.

Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (4)

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Jun 6, 3:42 PM




Nov 2019


Kaoru v Paing fight was the only completed actually finishedand that still felt lacking.
Raian v Jack was ended when Pickle went rogue and interrupted it, Raian ended up winning by unanimous decision. Yet again very lacking.
Baki v Ouma was just getting started and of course it was interrupted by Yuujirou and Kuroki, they had to end it there because they ran out of time?

I don't get how some people are thinking this is a masterpiece with that kind of development lol.

Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (6)

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Magic academy | Isekai anime
3D Chinese anime | Reincarnation anime
2D Chinese anime | Demon hunter anime
MC is an anti-hero | MC is misunderstood
MC hides their powers | OPMC anime
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Jun 6, 5:50 PM




Jul 2022



Baki is and always will be my goat of goats, the greatest of all time, he would have totally won if the battle wasn't interrupted there is no doubt in my mind. I kinda knew it would end in a draw, kinda strange. They seem to set it up for more installments possibly in the future, idk what was going on with the Death Row Convicts and that one guy but whatever.

Overall decent, extremely slow at the beginning, lack of OST during a lot and a lot of talking made a lot of it very boring, but the fights were a f*cking spectacle, I was hopping out of my seat cheering Baki on. I'd like to see a continuation of their battle one day!!

The minor characters doing their own little things was so f*cking funny. The post credits scene of the two guys trying not to piss themselves was insane. Also, that f*cking guy has "DAMN" written across his teeth. Wtf lol.

Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (8)

Jun 7, 2:31 AM




Sep 2018


It was fine, about how I expected it to go, with the fights and the encounters of the real top dogs. Seeing Ohma in 2d was a trip lol. Some nice fanservice with the big casts. 7/10.

Jun 7, 7:24 AM




Jan 2020


Haven't watched Baki but I've watched Kengan Ashura, but this makes me actually thankful Kengan was CG because this sh*t barely moves lmao

Jun 7, 7:38 AM




Dec 2020


My biggest problem with this is that baki and yujiro aren't portrayed as equals even if they should be at that point
Also the ending was fun but why did the inmates come back for no reason and as a group? This guys hate eachother
But overall pretty good, they fight were pretty fan service driven but still good

Jun 7, 9:23 AM





Apr 2016


Crossover, with 3 fight in the arena and 1 in front the toilet!!!
Draw? Easy to imagine!!
Interesting but without some special!!



Jun 8, 9:47 PM




Oct 2017


Pure GARBAGE! Could've gave us a spectacle but instead it was lengthy trash train.

Jun 9, 6:50 AM




Jan 2019


The 2D designs made Kengan Ashura's characters much more charismatic! I always found them a little dull to tell the truth but I couldn't say for sure why, now I discovered that it's the 3D design that ruined them

Jun 9, 3:17 PM




Dec 2015


Liked it. 8/10 from me. I mean I liked both - Baki and Kengan Ashura (so far). Mostly 8s except some of the small 1-episode OVAs from Baki and the latest season (part 1) of Kengan Ashura that started a bit slow and where I had forgot a lot (cause of the long break in between the end of the previous season and 2nd season half 1).

Showed a lot of the chars I liked and paired them up well. Like ... with the both doctors. The musculous guys (Julius Reinhold and Oliva). And of course the official matches.

Now I want a Baki vs. Dance Dance Danseur. :D (With sexy muscuolus fighter guys doing ballet lol. Would be fun to see Oliva.)

And tbh I rarely watch these kind of specials. (I usually even skip some normal 1-2 episode OVAs of anime - with just fan service and beach episodes.) Usually I don't even know most series. (Like with the Isekai Quarthet thing where I have only really watched two of the four anime they used for that crossover.) Lucky that I liked Baki and Kengan Ashura and that it was just about these two - while usually not watching that many shounen. (And never really got interested in JoJo.)

Jun 9, 7:47 PM




Dec 2015


Was fun to watch, cool to see appearances from many characters

Yesterday, 7:24 AM




Jul 2013


The results were very predictable from the get go. At least the first two matches. I thought Baki would win considering that in this crossover show, they used the 2d character artstyle from Baki's show and not Kengan Ashura's cgi. It was really short too. Also, who tf was that bearded grandpa to go against Yujiro? lol


Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (13)

Yesterday, 2:32 PM




May 2018


That was, uhm, ok? It's watchable but I fail to see enough effort put in this movie. Everything is done lazily, from animation to fights and dialogues.
Seems like references and cameos were the only thing they hoped to bait us for.
And God, how I cringe laugh at Adam's "DAMN". Why did they have to censor such harmless word as "f*ck", especially in such adult show?

Hanma Baki vs. Kengan Ashura Episode 1 Discussion (15)

Nemo_NiemandYesterday, 2:36 PM

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