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Purchasing Land in Spain


Find A Good Spanish Lawyer!

Before you pay any reservation deposit when purchasing land in Spain, it is always wise to find a good Spanish lawyer. This is even more important than when you purchase a property – the lawyer will help you check the land use status, sort out taxes, get a building permit, contract the building etc.
Find Out If The Land You Want To Buy Has Got Building Permission

You can check this with the local town hall. Building permits cost about 4% of the estimated construction costs. Your Lawyer will also need to check on whether or not the plot has any building restrictions, is in a green zone or includes a public pathway. Also check future plans for the area i.e. new motorways or shopping centres.
Get The Plot Surveyed

You should measure the exact number of square meters and to check the official measurements and boundaries match.
Check The Owners Registry

It is necessary to ensure the seller is the sole owner of the plot your lawyer will check the owner’s registry (registro de la propiedad).
Check Local Building Restrictions

Some areas or local authorities put strict restrictions on the number of floors you can build, colour of the external walls and also height of fences etc. It is important to be aware of all restrictions before you purchase.

When you choose to buy or to rent a suitable Spanish or Overseas Property we will work with you through every step of the purchase process to ensure you fully understand all of the legal requirements and your own responsibilities.We will explain ALL of the costs associated with purchasing in Spain or buying Overseas Property and provide Spanish and UK based contacts, before, during and after your purchase and all issues will be handled efficiently in a manner you would expect from an organisation that makes customer service our highest priority.