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Property Purchase Process in Spain

Summary of The Property Purchase Process in Spain

For those of you that have not bought a property in Spain before, here is a summary of the Spanish Property Purchase Process from a practical and legal point of view.


After you have chosen a property, full information on the property must be obtained from the seller (Title Deeds, official number of the property in Land Registry, Local Tax receipts paid, water and electricity receipts, etc.).

There are many aspects that should be checked in advance to ensure you get a good title to the property.

The first Golden Rule is checking the Land Registry files to ensure that there are no charges or encumbrances on the property and that there is a clear Title Deed. It is also important to establish whether or not there are any public works affecting the property (such as motorway schemes) and whether there are any planning restrictions.

If the property is in order from a legal point of view, a private purchase contract can be signed. On exchange of contracts, purchaser will be asked to pay a pre-agreed deposit (normally 10% of the price) and a completion date is agreed.

The date of completion, Purchase Title Deed will be signed before a Public Notary and the full purchase price is settled. Ownership is legally transferred to the purchaser at this moment.

After that, it is important to deal with all the paperwork as soon as possible, that is, payment of taxes (Stamp duty or Transfer tax) and register you as the new owner of the property in the Land Registry.

The whole process can take around two months.

Following these few pieces of advice and requesting professional guidance your property experience in Spain will be straightforward and hassle free.

We will explain ALL of the costs associated with purchasing in Spain and also buying an Overseas Property and provide Spanish and UK based contacts, before, during and after your purchase. All issues will be handled efficiently in a manner you would expect from an organisation that makes customer service our highest priority.

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The information presented at these pages is provided for general information only and should not be regarded as offering a precise and complete advice. Future changes in legislation could affect the information provided. Therefore, people accessing this information are encouraged to contact us or seek independent counsel for advice regarding their individual legal issues.