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Energy Efficiency Certificate Spain Information


What is an energy efficiency certificate?

The energy efficiency Certificate is a report describing how efficient your home is with regards to energy consumption. Your home will be rated from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient)
Is it compulsory to have an energy efficiency certificate in Spain?

From the 1st of June 2013 it is compulsory for anyone selling or long term renting a Spanish property or advertising their home for sale or for long term rental. If you do not have an energy efficiency certificate you and your estate agent will be fined.

How do I get an Energy efficiency Certificate?

The energy efficiency certificates can only be issued by qualified professional technicians or architects who are authorised by the Spanish authorities as assessors. Your lawyer,  agent or community should be able to recommend a technician or you can search online for a technician in your area.

How much does an energy efficiency certificate cost?

Prices vary and are based on the size of your property, average prices are:

  •  0 to 100m2 Built  –  €155 plus IVA
  • 100m2 Built to 200m2 Built €195 plus IVA
  • 200m2 Built to 300m2 Built – €215 plus IVA
  • 300m2 Built to 400m2 built – €280 plus IVA
  • Over 400m2 – Individually assessed.

Who will have to pay for the energy efficiency certificate?

The owner of the property of the property has to pay for the certificate.

How long does it take to get an energy efficiency certificate?

Normally once your assessor has completed the report and submitted to the Junta you should have the certificate within 7 to 10 days.

How long is the energy efficiency certificate valid for?

The certificate is valid for 10 years. If the property is changed or upgraded with more energy efficient appliances, heating etc the certificate can be reapplied for.

Please also be aware that you cannot advertise your property for sale or for long term rental until you have an energy efficiency certificate as it could result in a fine for both you as the owner of the property and the agent who is advertising it!

For more information or recommendations for reliable companies who can issue your energy efficiency certificate please contact us on info@hudsoninternationalproperties.com 


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